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We’re TK Associates, and we’re joining the public debate.  In this Blog, both of us will discuss the price we’re all paying for “politics as usual” as it relates to our national security.

Take this recently revived quote from Barry Goldwater in 1964:  ”I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”

Well, extremism of any kind – hard left or hard right – IS a problem if it leads to violence.  We fought our own battles with it when we were in the FBI in the 1990s, and while doing it we forged a unique blend of human behavioral analysis with leadership and management savvy that solved “unsolvable” cases like the UNABOM Case and Eric Rudolf, the Olympic Park Bomber (recounted in our book 2007 book Hunting the American Terrorist).

But we discovered something else during those years in the FBI, and it worried us even more than the threat of extremist violence from the left or right.  Politicians of all stripes have consistently betrayed the public trust – and endangered U.S. national security – by succumbing to a critical addiction to the most intoxicating substance on the planet:  POWER.  We detailed our findings and called Democrats and Republicans alike on their dangerous antics in  Homeland Insecurity (2008).

Every day we find evidence of the disastrous consequences of the addiction to power in politicians who have been elected to oversee our national security.  The media will spin the news either left or right, but this is the real “no spin” zone.  You’ll see that one of us is basically conservative and the other is primarily a social liberal, but we agree on one primary principle:  the Rule of Law should prevail in mediating differences – especially the most serious and threatening ones.

Let’s talk.

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