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Top Secret America

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The President’s nominee to become the next Director of National Intelligence (DNI), James Clapper, told the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday that he was very concerned about the release of the Washington Post story, “Top Secret America.”

Clapper said the release will make it “easy for adversaries to point out the locations of contractors who are working for the government.” According to Clapper, such an extensive report on America’s intelligence network might even increase the costs of security at various installations to overcome the additional threats posed by the release of the Post series.

He disputed two of the Post’s main conclusions.

On the charge that the intelligence community is out of control, Clapper told the committee, “I believe it is under control.”

Addressing the issue of redundancy, Clapper said, “One man’s duplication is another man’s competitive analysis.”

It’s not surprising that it’s the Washington Post that got it right. The “TOP SECRET AMERICA” investigative report was carefully researched and is a good piece of journalism, but the evidence of what’s wrong in the intelligence community has been available for years to whoever was inclined to collect and analyze it. It’s painfully obvious, however, that the man slated to become the next DNI, responsible for oversight and coordination of America’s behemoth intelligence network and analysis effort, doesn’t seem to get it at all. Read More→