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When NBC first contacted Kathleen about being part of a documentary on Timothy McVeigh in 2009, the lone aerial assault on the IRS building and the Hutaree Michigan Militia arrests hadn’t happened yet. Independent producer Toby Oppenheimer was fascinated with what drove McVeigh to bomb the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City 15 years ago, and wanted Kathleen’s input about her work on Lone Terrorists. Like other interviewees, Kathleen spent hours at 30 Rockefeller Center in New York last December taping her contribution, and you can see the results in a two-hour special on Monday, April 19, the 15th anniversary of the bombing, on MSNBC:


(NEW YORK, NY) — APRIL 14, 2010 — Fifteen years after the Oklahoma City bombing, Rachel Maddow brings viewers the inside story on the deadliest terror attack on U.S. soil prior to the events of Sept. 11. 168 lives were lost and more then 500 people were injured that day and now, on Monday, April 19 (9-11 PM/ET), MSNBC viewers will hear Timothy McVeigh’s chilling confession in his own words for the first time in “The McVeigh Tapes: Confessions of an American Terrorist.” Drawing from 45 hours of never-before-released interview audiotapes recorded during McVeigh’s prison stay, the film reveals the bomber’s descriptions of the planning and execution of the horrific attack and offers insight into how a decorated American soldier became a dangerous, anti-government terrorist. Nine years after his execution, McVeigh’s voice from the grave resonates today as once again anti-government extremism is on the rise. The film will re-air on MSNBC on Friday at 10 PM ET and Sunday at 9 PM ET.

There’s a lot of confusion about “lone wolf” terrorists – even among many psychologists. There’s a tendency in psychology and law enforcement to define a “lone wolf” as simply someone who has no accomplices. It’s far more complicated than that. Read More→

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All last week Craig Fahle, a talk show host at a big NPR affiliate in Detroit ran a very interesting series of interviews and commentary on “right wing extremism.”  We were invited to participate, so Terry was on with Craig for about 20 minutes at the top of the show.  You can listen to it here:

There’s a lot of nervousness in the country right now about right wing militias and anti-government rhetoric.  The case of arrest of the “Hutaree” faction of the Michigan Militia for their actions in service of a plan to kill police was fresh – - so Craig wanted the perspective of someone who’s actually worked cases like this. Read More→

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